1928 T1 Scout Car
Pontiac T1 Scout Car

   John Sawruk supplied the following information, but he did not say where he acquired it.  The pictures are two versions of the 1928 Pontiac T1 Scout Car; both were photographed at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.  The photos are credited to the U.S. Army Signal Corps and both date from 1932.
   The first photo shows a T1 equipped with a Type SCR-163A radio set and a .30 caliber machine gun.  The photo is dated August 12th, 1932 and is identified as SC-98435.
   The second photo shows a T1 with two pedestal-mounted .30 caliber machine guns.  This photo is dated June, 1932 and identified as SC-90216.
   It is interesting to note that the “radio” car mounts modern style steel wheels with hubcaps, while the other photo shows disc wheels that appear to be identical to those offered by Pontiac as optional equipment for 1928.  Presumably the scout car mounting the pennant flag is a “command” vehicle.
28 Scout car 2 28 Scout car 1