1948 Torpedo Convertible
1948 Pontiac Torpedo Convertible Coupe by Charles Bolten *
        I bought this car from Ron Brogan’s estate when he passed away in 1989. I used to work on it for him in the 70’s up until I left California in 1982. We stayed in touch as he would call periodically for some repair advice. He bought the car new in 1948 after getting out of the Navy and it was his sole transportation car until he died. I got a call from the executor of his estate in 1989 telling me that Ron left a provision in his will that I be given the first chance to purchase the car. The executor said he called several people in trying to track me down, all of whom offered to buy the car if I wasn’t interested.
        Needless to say it is now in my possession. It needed a comprehensive restoration but did come complete. The chrome plating was the most expensive. Boy does this car have a lot of chrome! 1948 was the last year for the Torpedo model and the first year for the Hydramatic. According to the date on the sales invoice it was purchased just before the 49’s came out.

*Note  This article was originally printed in a 2008 ETCetera.  I'm not sure if Charles still owns the car.    Andi, Web Mistress