The Early Times Chapter is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1926 to 1954 Pontiacs.
ETC is a chapter of the Pontiac Oakland Club International.
Our dues reflect the cost involved with producing the newsletter.  It will save you and the club money if you can read the newsletter electronically.

Membership with a mailed copy of the newsletter  $35.00 per year

Membership with an electronic copy of the newsletter  $25.00 per year

The Etcetera Newsletter is published monthly.
All new memberships are for 12 months beginning with the month in which the application is received.

Click here for a Membership Application   This is not a fill in application, it needs to be printed & mailed.   
Applications and Address changes should be sent to the Secretary listed below.

Advertising is free to all ETC members. Ad space should be used for 1926 to 1954 items; preferably Pontiac related but can include items relating to these years: memorabilia, clothing, literature, ephemera, etc. Any individual may advertise in the newsletter: a 50-word maximum ad is $5.00 per month; Ads with photos included would be $10.00 per month. The Early Times Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors who serve a term of two years.

Newsletter Editor Contact Information
Tanya Lervik at

Email submissions of ads, articles & pictures is preferred. 
All pictures need to be submitted as 300 dpi jpg files.
Early Times Chapter Officers
Arnold Landvoigt
PO Box 826
Savage, MD  20763-0826
(301) 498-0070 EST

Vice President
David Luken
416 1/2 Barber Creek Rd
Port Byron, IL  61275
(309) 523-3870

Ron Thomas
PO Box 8345
Zanesville, OH  43702-8345
(740) 819-1725 EST

Betsy Thomas
PO Box 8345
Zanesville, OH  43702-8345
(740) 819-1725 EST